“Do not despise the days of small beginnings….”Zechariah 4:10

The beginnings of HighPoint Lighthouse Church is nothing short of humble beginnings.  The same vision God had planted in the heart of Paul to establish a church in Ephesus, Philippi, Corinth, and many more, is the same vision God impressed upon the heart of a young Pastor named Atapana Mamea and First Lady Sitofa. Devoted to the vision and seeing it come to fruition, Pastor Mamea and his family began gathering with five other families every Sunday in the early 1980’s.  In May of 1981, HPL officially launched its first Sunday Service in the city of High Point in West Seattle. The services were held in the home of church member, Moeifaga Malae-Sailiai. As the church began to grow, a bigger venue was needed. HPL’s next move was to the old High Point gym and then to the Holly Hall. In 1982, HPL purchased a building that was also occupied by a corner store located on 6309 34th Avenue southwest, Seattle, Washington 98126.

Compelled by the calling of God to establish more churches in different locations, Pastor Mamea handed the church over to the capable leadership of Pastor Apelu and Matasina Fotualii. In early 1983, with his wife and children, Pastor Fotualii officially became the Shepherd of HPL. For 16 years, Pastor Fotualii and his family faithfully served the church and the High Point Community. In a time where gangs and many criminal activities were active in the city of High Point, Pastor Fotualii put hands to the plow serving his church and loving his city. Under his leadership, HPL grew to 50 plus members some of which were residents of the High Point community. It was during this time that different ministries were established. Such as the Youth Ministry, Sunday School Ministry, Men and Women’s Ministries. These groups became solid extensions of God’s hands in the community. Towards the end, Pastor Fotualii’s services were hindered due to physical ailments and after serving faithfully for 16 years, the Lord retired his work and called him home. He has left such an impactful legacy for his wife and children who are still serving God faithfully at HPL today.

Upon Pastor Fotualii’s sunset, the church chose a successor to continue God’s work and in mid-1999; Pastor Auva’a and Mara Leiataua became its new Pastors. Armed with new leaders full of zeal and vision, Pastor Leiataua rallied the church and in a leap of faith, they were able to purchase the neighboring lot occupied by the corner store. Immediately, plans to renovate and extend the church were in motion. HPL grew rapidly as God was adding to their numbers daily. Service attendance grew from 50 to 80 plus regularly. People of the community were moved by the worship services that at times they were compelled to stop in and fellowship. Community services continued and the different ministries flourished.

In 2010, Pastor Leiataua shared with the church a new direction that God was leading him into. With the church’s blessing, Pastor Leiataua and his family said their farewells and a few months later, HPL elected Pastor Natia and Tauasi Paaga to be their new leaders. Picking up where Pastor Leiataua left off, Pastor Natia focused on teaching and equipping the church with the Word of God. His vision was to win people to Christ and to help disciple them to do the same. He had a 10-year plan to pay off the church building but with the favor of God, it was accomplished in less than 4 years. As the current Pastor of HPL, the vision to win the lost at any cost is as strong today as it was 30 years ago when HPL was first established. With Bible studies, prayer meetings, worship and youth services being held weekly, the church has grown over capacity. Water baptisms are held as people, young and old are making decisions to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Because of the rapid growth, Pastor Paaga and the HPL church are currently in the process of acquiring a new facility. As you read through the pages of this manual, you will see the direction of God’s vision for HPL.

On behalf of Pastor Natia and Tauasi Paaga, welcome to HighPoint Lighthouse!